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Arro-Jet uses state-of-the-art Jet-Edge equipment to cut any shape in a variety of materials. We work with all computer formats, line art, and technical drawings. Our process is cold; there is no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone.) There is very little lateral force applied to the material and this eliminates the need to clamp. Our stress-free cutting reduces finishing machining time and no thermal distortion, no change in material properties, and gives a net to near-net finish. Intricate patterns and inlays are no problem. Cutting soft, as well as brittle materials, also is no problem. Our expertise and equipment handle both with ease.

Arro-Jet provides second operation and offers finished parts. We own and operate two waterjet machines and a Fadal 16 x 20 to complete 2nd operations.

Arro-Jet has the only four-head production water jet machine in southern California.  We handle small and large size materials including plates 12' x 30' up to 12,000 lbs.

Steel to 10 inches thick
• Hastalloy • Stainless (PH, VAR)
• Chromoly • Inconel
• Spring Steel

Through 7000 Series

• Alpha and Near Alpha • Beta and Near Beta
• Alpha Beta • Beta

• Carbon Fiber • Kevlar
• Fiberglass

Brittle and Soft Materials Including:
• Ceramic • Marble • Rubber
• Glass • Mirrors • Wood
• Granite • Plastic

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