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We put water on the cutting edge

Arro-Jet provides our customers with the most precise abrasive waterjet cutting available, capable of handling all materials including common and specialized materials. Our environmentally-safe cutting method employs a highly-pressurized stream of water mixed with abrasive particles, and results in very accurate cutting with no adverse effects on the material being cut, so you get an excellent edge finish, a narrow kerf, no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) and a high degree of accuracy).
The Advantages of Waterjet Machining
  • Cold Process
  • No HAZ (Heat-Affected Zone)
  • Kerf .020 abrasive/.003 water
  • Nesting Yields (Maximum material usage)
  • Reduced finish machine time
  • Stress-free cutting
  • Net to Near-net finish
  • No thermal distortion
Arro-Jet Jet Edge
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